Empower Network | Live Call 9/11

Hearing The Empower Network  live call (also known as The Empower Hour) every Monday evening is always full of inspiration. It just makes you want to join and find out more…instantly.


The Empower Network | Always An Inspirational Message

Empower Network | Live Call 9/11

Every Monday The Empower Network live call has a a different message to share with the listeners..


Get ready to feel inspired and instantly motivated to make money from what you take away with you from the call.

Empower Network is different then other Affiliate businesses of Network  marketing.

One live call explained how to end the “slavery syndrome” to what you are selling. As it always does, this live call was packed with information to make even the most skeptic person want to join.


The Empower Network | We Do The Selling For You

 Empower Network | Live Call 9/11Stop being a slave to selling. The Empower Network will do the selling for you while you collect high commissions.


Since each weekly call is exclusive in it’s own right, you will be taught how to make money a variety of different ways.

You also get  to hang out with ordinary people who are making real money. You are capable of making real money too . Empower Network perseveres, when problems come forth, we find solutions and come out stronger and more powerful.


The Empower Network | Attend The Events

Empower Network | Live Call 9/11Why is The Empower Network successful?


For many great reasons. We are, where we are because we show dignity, honesty, integrity and respect to every Empower Network member.

The Empower Network events do such for your business. It is important that you attend these events. The power of a group is absolutely amazing. Relationships are made and ideas are born.

Members who attended The ‘Don’t Be A Wussy” event in Atlanta back in 2012, actually doubled their profits from the months before. Millionaires have been made.

We don’t know where your at in your business, however, if you get to the next event, you will experience things for yourself and leave a better and wiser individual.


The Empower Network | Tell Your Story

Empower Network | Live Call 9/11

More stories about have been told about The Empower Network then any other Affiliate marketing business.


Empower Network is honest and we are willing to share our stories to inspire you.


Because we have nothing to hide. Honesty is best policy.  We have created Leaders who are willing to take risks, are happy and making real money living the lifestyle they deserve.

Do you have the drive and will power to get out there and share your story?

David Sharpe does.

5 years ago he was a broke, construction worker. One night he turned up on his Father’s doorstep looking to crash on his couch. He had hit rock bottom. Finally, a meeting with future partner Dave Wood changed his life. At first he was skeptical but optimistic.

Have you ever had a time where you didn’t want to go somewhere but you went anyway and you ended up having the best time of your life?

That’s what happened to Dave Sharpe.

He believed in himself and had a vision of helping other people. It wasn’t all about the money, it was also about feeling good about himself at the end of the day.

Learn to share your story.

Don’t hide behind the curtain anymore. Join The Empower Network team right now. We are a system that does the selling for you, so you can sit back and watch your bank account grow as big as you want. Experience Empower Network even more by getting “All In” and attending the next event.