The Empower Network | Why It Is IMPORTANT To Blog EVERYDAY

The Empower Network staunchly indicates “Blog Daily” as it’s #1 performed task. We have heard the two D’s say it over and over again “Blog Daily”. Do you know WHY it is so important to Blog daily?. We are about to find out the WHY. It’s time to start blogging daily.  The Empower Network has voiced it, now we must follow through everyday. Yet your still asking WHY? Okay let’s find out the answer.


The Empower Network | Add Fresh Content

Empower Network | Why It Is IMPORTANT To Blog EVERYDAY

We’re about to learn some crucial tips on why it is important to Blog every day for The Empower Network and your Website.

As you build your blog with content, you build an audience. Once you build a respected audience you want to make sure they stay. So how can you keep your audience coming back? FRESH CONTENT . Simply put, people do not want to read the same post day in and day out. They want fresh content that they can read every single time they click your link. You add fresh content by, blogging everyday. If you don’t add fresh content, you risk losing your audience. Let’s answer some pondering questions.

“But I am to busy! I don’t have time to Blog?”

Your never to busy if your serious about The Empower Network. Pick a time of day that you are not busy and blog. Just do it!. Period!

“I don’t know what to Blog about?”

Blog about ANYTHING. When your first starting out it’s okay to Blog about anything. It’s better if you keep it business oriented, as you get better you will start focusing on business related topics

So blogging everyday is important because it keeps your audience interested and coming back by producing fresh content.


The Empower Network | Visibility And Ranking

Empower Network | Why It Is IMPORTANT To Blog EVERYDAY

Blogging Daily reminds the Search Engines that you are active giving you viability on the web and helping The Empower Network and your website rank.

If you plan your Blog posts out right, whipping up a few back links and SEO capability over time your posts will start ranking and getting noticed over a period of time.

Another great reason WHY blogging everyday is important. But….

“How do I add back links?”

You are part of The Empower Network. If you have purchased all of the products, you will find training on how to add back link.

“What is SEO?”

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process used to improve your website or web pages through search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There is also training on this in the products available.

Now you know, Blog everyday and the search engines will recognize you and bring in traffic to your website. Look what its done for The Empower Network.


The Empower Network | Social Media

Empower Network | Why It Is IMPORTANT To Blog EVERYDAY

Social Media is probably the most important reason why you need to Blog everyday as stipulated in The Empower Network training’s.


Your business needs Social Media period. Share your blog posts with the world. You have 7 billion people to advertise too. Use Social Media Sites to your advantage. You can gain leverage in social communities.

The more well written fresh content you write increases your opportunity to gain massive amounts of traffic. Build your website properly and Blog everyday add Social Media into the mix and you could be the next Rockstar. WAIT….

“I don’t know what Social Media is?

Social Media is communication between you and the outside world in the form of Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter. Join Social Media Sites and start join groups, talking to people and sharing your work. Overtime your website and posts become known and people will want to visit your website. The Empower Network teaches this in it’s training video’s.


Finally, we have come to the end of this post.

You have just learned 3 reasons WHY blogging everyday is important. Now go and start blogging for The Empower Network and your business, just do it, period!

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